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Cade burner, also called EISALA LAMP, designed to burn and diffuse Cade powder.
A Mediterranean shrub, the Cade - juniperux oxycedrus - is found in scrubland and on the arid hillsides of the south.
A bushy and thorny shrub, Cade is very rich in oil. The fumigations of its wood were once used to purify the atmosphere and ward off insects.
Wardrobe fragrance, it is the most powerful natural moth repellent. Cade is also renowned for its acaricidal and bactericidal properties and is used in dermatology and cosmetics.
The cade powder offered to you, 100% natural, is obtained by an artisanal process of wood erosion The smoke of its slow combustion in the burner is a powerful repellent for flying insects and an effective and natural deodorant, absorbing all the bad smells.

The discreet and pleasant smell of Cade powder, plain or enriched with the scents of Provence, will leave a little southern air floating in your home.

You can choose the color of your lamp and the scent of your powder box.

CADE burner - 100% Natural Home Fragrance - With or without Burner

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