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About us

La Maison Boutique is a small business born from my passion for crochet, the love of craftsmanship, and doing it yourself.

My raw material: Raffia

Zen atmosphere: To the crystalline sounds of Koshi chimes, in the scent of cade wood and the lights of eco-candles.


Raffia yarn ISPIE

1 spool /273 yards/250 meters
Raffia 100% natural fibers, biodegradable.

Ideal for  your crochet achievements of all kinds of hats, bags, baskets, rugs, handbags, wallets, decorations

and more 


Chime Koshi

The Koshi chime is a real musical instrument!  

4 different tones:  

Air, water, fire, earth 
 crystalline and relaxing sound !

  Suspended, it will play with the wind and take you away to an unexpected melody.

imageonline-co-roundcorner (6).png

Cade burner

A Mediterranean shrub, the Cade - juniperux oxycedrus - is found in scrubland and on the arid hillsides of the south.

The fumigations of its powdered wood purify the atmosphere and keep insects away, while giving off a discreet and pleasant smell. Plain or scented!

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